Zura Abramishvili

Zura Abramishvili was born and lives in Tbilisi, Georgia. He attended the Nikoladze Art School, graduating in 1985.

Then he went on to graduate studies at Tbilisi Apolon Kutateladze Academy of Art and became a faculty member who lectures around the world on education and other related matters. After graduation in 1990, he worked for many years as an illustrator for Axalgazrda Iverieli newspaper and during that time began showing in group and solo shows including prestigious Hoby Gallery, with his first show in 1997.

Zura’s paintings are in public and private collections in Russia and Italy, where he has visited and exhibited his work. He generally works with acrylic, gouache and oil. He has created a number of paintings featuring “Jimi Hendrix” and other noted musicians over the years and is working with Las Vegas Gallery of Music and Art towards a solo exhibition during 2016.

Zura as he prefers being called, created the illustrations for Rudyard Kipling’s “How the Whale Got his Throat” which received critical acclaim not only in Georgia but worldwide. “It took some time for me to find my own unique style in art. I was inspired by Modigliani, Picasso and David Urushadze but I wanted and worked diligently to be not only original, but recognizable”. Gallery of Music and Art, LV is pleased to exclusively represent Zura for his paintings and multiples in the United States

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Representerad på galleri Gallery of Music & Art i Las Vegas. Detta på Caesars Palace.




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